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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Angry Ranks Week 16

Two more weeks remain and only one more real week that everyone cares about it. Try to not take it for granted yeah?

As always these ranks are based on overall record, head to head, and overall body of play.
Playoff Contender
Some people may not like they are up this high, but I'm glad that there is a new team on top.
Playoff Contender
Time to give these guys their due.
It's absolutely fine if they blow a lead. They will recover.
It's absolutely fine that they played like crap. They still barely won.
Author's Favorite Team
But the Rams are "frauds" after 2 games of trouble. The horror.
Big Mover: Gain of 4 spots
This is an underrated team but playing better than most.
Author's Favorite Team
Feels like besides the Rams, are the only other team in which wins get dismissed.
It's absolutely fine for them to lose to a 3 win team. They will be ok.
It's absolutely fine that this team hit an offensive wall. No need to worry.
It's absolutely fine they are barely above .500, because they can still be a playoff team.
It's absolutely fine that they struggled at home to score vs. one of the worst defenses in the league.
It's absolutely fine the way the won against a 4 win team.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
It's absolutely fine that these guys are on a 2 game slide and playing like their age. No, no criticism is needed.
I love how they are lauded for being still "alive" for the playoffs, while the Rams face some adversity and suddenly aren't playoff worthy.
Author's Favorite Team
It's absolutely fine they hung on to win after 3 weeks of blowing leads to bottom feeders.
1 game...and everyone's Eagle boners are flying high.
Hahahahaha. That was fun while it lasted.
Big Mover: Loss of 4 spots
Old and tired cheese.
6 game losing streak, yet the Rams are the team that has problems.
I was pegging these guys at turnaround team in 2019, but Eli is coming back apparently. Need some new blood in there.
Give credit where it's due, hurt all over yet still finding ways to win.
Let's just say they are punting this season away.
The Redskins couldn't lose a game if they tried.
I'm just so sick of seeing this team.
Celebrate that FOURTH win, Shanny, Jr.!
Big Mover: Loss of 4 spots
Wonder if John Elway is the Michael Jordan of the NFL GMs.
The Bengals beat the Raiders, because they could, but didn't stop to think that they should.
Matty P one and done in the D? Wait that sounds so wrong.
Hahahahah Jalen Ramsey lol.
Kudos for competing.
Please win this Sunday, and screw yourself out of the 1st pick running. You know, because pass rushers are so hard to find.
What's worse, getting benched for Mike Glennon, or knowing you still are the staring QB for the 2018 Arizona Cardinals?

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