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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Angry Ranks Week 13

Football is almost over but I'm gonna take advantage of every second of it that I can. What a week. As always these rankings are based on overall record, head-to-head matchup, and overall body of play.
Someone's gotta beat them, right? Right? Hey Panthers, I present you this challenge. Do you accept?
Author's Favorite Team
OK, Panthers. The Rams will be "dat sey gon beat dem Saints." In the playoffs.
Imagine any other QB throwing 3 picks in a game....criticism police would be all over him.
Yes, they are that good. Even with a backup QB in. Here is your defense.
I always have this weird feeling these guys will disappoint at some point.
Author's Favorite Team
Last year I was experiencing watching them as they limped and gimped to 4-12. Now they are on an 8 game straight, but the vibe is still the same. WTF?! I'm doing my part, yo!
Author's Favorite Team
They do this. Many times. Every single year.
I think it's funny that with a 6-4-1 record, the mantra is "are the Vikings finally back?" Any other team? Paging criticism police!
Jeez. It's not that hard to beat these guys, Panthers.
Lamarr Jackson will win fantasy leagues this year, even though he throws ducks and picks.
I hate you right now.
Time to take these guys seriously. Wild card is definitely possible.
All this means is they won't be flexed out of the afternoon or Sunday night games. Lame.
Big Mover: Loss of 4 spots
You know ARod just wants to punch Mike McCarthy in the mouth.
The worst cliche ever was used on MNF. "Signature win." And the Titans' loss is why it's also the dumbest cliche ever.
No team has been injured more, and no team has more players injured that no one's ever heard of.
Just when they found some semblance of a running game, everyone else craps the bed. 2018 Eagles in a nutshell.
They can still make the playoffs in the AFC. Crazy.
OK. Could Hue Jackson remain somewhere in the AFCN? It will become an instant awesome rivalry.
How bad are the Bengals when Andy Dalton's injury is the worst possible thing that could've happened after AJ Green?
What if the final score of the Super Bowl this year is 28-3? (unoriginal joke is unoriginal...I just found out the Super Bowl is in ATL this year).
If I was forced to pick a bottom feeder team, it's this one. At least they come out and fight.
Who will bite the dust first? Matthew Stafford or Matty Patty?
These guys are my pick for turnaround team in 2019. They have a little bit of talent. Just a little. Just add more.
What's amazing Jameis Winston's numbers actually led to a win rather than making a loss look worse than it actually was!
Big Mover: Loss of 6 spots
Hey, Jalen Ramsey, how you doin?
hahahahah. Shanny Jr is now 8-19.
The less time we talk about them, the better.
At least Jon Gruden is entertaining.
Unlike Arizona.
Hey random thought, if Wade retires, would you consider Todd Bowles for DC?

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