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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Angry Ranks Week 12

Oh boy. How them Chiefs? Huh? Huh?

Now you may relax, as we get 2 whole weeks to savor in the win (and my rankings).

As always, these rankings are based on overall record, head to head matchups, and overall body of play.
America's Game of the Week? America's SNOOZE of the Week! #dadjoke
Author's Favorite Team
Everything is OK with the Chiefs defensively. Honestly I haven't looked at the news, but I won't be surprised if that was the narrative. #hardon
Author's Favorite Team
Weird after the Le'Veon Bell BS and drama, they are back to quietly winning.
I told ya! Bears were my turn around team for 2018!
Author's Favorite Team
Man I can't wait to go to this fan rally they're having this Sunday.
Pesky NE. Can this be the year Pittsburgh or KC can take them out of the playoffs?
Yo Chargers. It ain't 2017.Win these damn games. The Rams didn't seem to have a problem!
Why do these Panthers look like they are playing so slow? Fat cats. Note, the Panthers aren't better...but the Vikings and Packers are worse.
OK. These guys are officially overrated.
Honestly I don't think they are playing like a top team, but the other teams are so much, much worse.
Nothing like the Bengals to make your first career start against. Yay!
Alex Smith, respect.
They are a .500 team. Gee...shouldn't the #criticismpolice be all over them for that? Nah? Only applies to the Rams? OK then. FU.
Colts haven't looked this good since Peyton was playing.
Jerry Jones!!!!! Celebrate that 5-5 record!!!!
Wait wait wait. Blaine Gabbert still plays in the NFL?!
Big Mover: Loss of 7 spots
Thanks Eagles. You were the first team this season that made me turn off football and play PS4.
All I picture, is a cute tiger cub struggling to get out of the toilet. But then I realize the cub's name is Vontaze, is actually a very dirty cub, and I burst out in laughter.
Browns, then Cowboys? At this point I'd take a 28-3 blown lead. At least THAT game was in the Super Bowl.
Hahahaha Jalen Ramsey. Meet Antonio Brown!!!!!
Miracle. Cleveland hasn't lost in TWO straight weeks.
Kerryouch Johnson. Sorry, had to.
Broncos are one of those teams where you can't just look at the record and assume a win.
Eli Manning's last hurrah. I for one am enjoying it.
Wonder what party plans Shanny Jr. and friends are making when they get their THIRD victory?!
These guys tick me off so much. Tampa Bay Stat Padders.
Quietly competitive.
Ryan Tannehill still plays in the league?!
How you argue like that with your coach and STILL end up....winning?
Because Arizona.
And Jets.

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