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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Angry Ranks Week 10

Special Edition Alert: "Yeah, but who have they've beaten?"

Tired of this narrative. Sit back while I dissect the other top 5 teams and who they have beat!

As always, these rankings are based on overall record, head to head matchup, and overall body of play.
Who have they beaten? Browns, Falcons, Giants, Redskins, Ravens, Vikings, Rams.
Author's Favorite Team
Who have they beaten? Raiders, Cardinals, Chargers, Vikings, shitbirds, Broncos, 49ers, Packers.
Who have they beaten? Chargers, Steelers, 49ers, Broncos x2, Jaguars, Bengals, Browns. Still to come: Cardinals and Raiders x2!
Who have they beaten? Texans, Dolphins, Colts, Chiefs, Bears, Bills, Packers.
Author's Favorite Team
Who have they beaten? Bucs, Falcons, Bengals, Browns, Ravens.
Can you name a Panther CB? You will after this Thursday. Underrated duo.
Quietly the Chargers are taking care of business, unlike years past when they kept blowing games.
Eagles are rising, they will be back.
The Vikings are like a longship. Badass looking, but inconsistent. Last Sunday they were the badass looking.
Vikings vs. Bears is gonna be a slugfest in a couple weeks and I can't wait for it.
Author's Favorite Team
That Demaryius Thomas burn on Denver tho...
They are 5-3, but are crumbling. It was fun while it lasted.
Go Pack go to below .500.
AJ Green is a legit good WR and person. Yet he gets hurt but Vontaze Burfict is as healthy has a horse. Life ain't fair, man.
Julio Jones scored a TD! There is a God!
Lamar Jackson time?
shitbirds are allergic to LA teams?
It's weird how people aren't talking about Andrew Luck now, when he's probably playing his best football ever.
Man, just when you think the perennial disappointments gonna disappoint, they satisfy the entire country outside Dallas (and Arlington).
Jalen Ramsey doing any interviews regarding Blake Bortles during the bye?
Ahh, the kings of garbage time.
Today is election day. Wish I could vote their asses out of prime time television.
Most disappointing team this year. But hey, we get them on Thanksgiving along with the Cowboys after! Wooo!!!!
Can you imagine the party Shanny Jr. threw following his second win? Man, things are looking rosy over in Santa Clara. /bluefontnotneeded
The seniors are gonna party like there's no tomorrow! Wooo!!!!
Free fantasy advice: get Chris Herndon, TE for the Jets. Just might solve your TE woes. Your welcome.
Ain't that a kicker...
Did anyone notice they were on a bye week?
No matter what happens, 2-2-1 was fun as hell!
At least there's lots of other things to do in New York.
And Buffalo has Niagara Falls.
But WTF does Oakland have?

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  1. nimite
    "Can you name a Panther CB? You will after this Thursday. Underrated duo."
    Sorry, Who ? I didn't see them. :rimshot:
    1. Angry Ram
      Oooof. That was a rough one. Although I did see one of them throwing a tantrum.
      Angry Ram · Nov 9, 2018